Photo of the Month of June, 2013

Sometimes, at the end of the day, the simple beauty of a sunset is enough to erase any stress that the day brought on. This particular sunset was vibrant and the way the rays of the setting sun reached up through the clouds, high into the sky, captured my attention. 

Normally, these sunsets are broadcast across the pond in such vibrant colors that I must get out and see what is setting the pond on fire. This was what awaited me one summer night. 

I will always love the big sky sunsets, no matter where I find myself in the future. 

Photo of the Month of January, 2013

They say it is because of the dust and dirt in the atmosphere that causes the sunsets to be so brilliant.

The refraction of the light hits the particles and bounces back the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows that can be seen in this sunset. The upper atmosphere was windy as you can see from the distortion of the clouds. The layer of darker purple was a darker area of the coming storm. We were getting ready to have a winter snow storm. Boy, did we get a snow storm!

Photo of the Month of November, 2012

One late afternoon, this wild sky exploded all around me.

The fantastic colors, cloud formations and setting sun caused me to drop what I was doing and grab my camera in absolute awe. I kept snapping for 15 minutes, turning around and around and getting all these magnificent shots. There were no bad shots in my camera.

This is one of the cloud formations that took my breath away.