Photo of the Month December 2014

As my journey and adventures in Montana ended, the last hurrah was this baldy who was kind enough to pose for me as a good-bye present.

We left the day after Christmas in between two very cold and windy storms, and our trip home took us several days due to driving conditions.

I will forever hold Montana as the Treasure State, and I already miss it something fierce. But, Florida sun is nice in the middle of winter! Plus, it is good to be back home where ospreys and dozens of white pelicans have been here to greet me.

Photo of the Month November, 2014

You never know what will come to the pond to drink, and with pheasant season in full swing, this guy was looking for a drink before being shot at again by someone. He was quite colorful and didn’t stay long, but it is good to know that he and his mate are living comfortably in the thicket by the cabin.

Good luck to you, Mr. Pheasant.

Photo of the Month of August, 2014

The last of the purple sage as it grows on the side of the hill and spills over into the yard. This is when it is at its most brilliant. It does not have the same scent as those sage brushes found in the Sierra Nevadas, but you can get a good whiff of this if you stick your nose into the bush. It may look silly, but the scent is very nice. 

Photo for the Month of July, 2014

After a few years of chasing these elusive birds, I finally manged to get a lot of photos of this one magpie who had taken up a sentinel position on the fence post. He was guarding something he wanted to eat, and I was stalking him from around trees and the corner of the cabin.

Finally, a magpie photo I could be proud of. He is also now a cross stitch pattern.

Photo for the Month of June, 2014

After spending several months squawking and flocking, the geese finally decided to get down to the business of making more little geese. While you can only see a couple of these little ones, there were a dozen or better in this brood.

There were more baby geese than there were ducks this year. This family stopped by long enough to swim around the pond, poke in the ground for goodies and then sail on down the stream to other great adventures.

Photo of the Month of April, 2014

Spring in the fields. These little calves were playing in the pasture next to the cabin. There were at least a dozen of these little ones playing with each other and pestering their mothers. They were all peacefully standing along the fence line when I walked over to take their photos, but they saw Blu and the stampede was on. I never did get a good photo of them, and since they grow so quickly, they are all bigger now. They tend to lose their cuteness the older they get. Kinda like the rest of us. Another group of calves and another spring has come and gone.

Photo of the Month of March, 2014

This winter, the snow was deep, and we had a bit of an issue getting in and out, but there is always a plus when dealing with nature. Like this scene from the pond. Yes, there is a pond under that white expanse in front of the aspen trees. They set on the bank, as you can see from my home page. The wind was so fierce out of the northeast that the pond was completely flat and smooth. In fact, if you did not know that there was a pond there, you would have missed it. For once, it was not covered in deer tracks, pheasant tracks or any other kind of tracks. I knew it wouldn’t last, so I took the shot while it was available.

Photo of the Month of February, 2014

For some reason, I did not leave much in February, but we did get a lot of new snow that covered everything. The subzero temperatures kept me inside a lot, and the most exercise I got involved taking the dog outside.

He is happy to play in the snow, so I captured his picture while he waited for me to keep walking with him. I promise that I will get outside in March to get some more photos.