Photo of the Month December 2014

As my journey and adventures in Montana ended, the last hurrah was this baldy who was kind enough to pose for me as a good-bye present.

We left the day after Christmas in between two very cold and windy storms, and our trip home took us several days due to driving conditions.

I will forever hold Montana as the Treasure State, and I already miss it something fierce. But, Florida sun is nice in the middle of winter! Plus, it is good to be back home where ospreys and dozens of white pelicans have been here to greet me.

Photo of the Month of December, 2013

One warm day, there were two of these beautiful eagles flying around the cabin. They both landed in a group of cottonwoods along the stream, but one of them decided they needed to go and inspect another group of trees, so he/she took off. I tried to capture the bird in flight, but he was moving away from me.

This is one of the better shots I got. They may have a nest in the trees just at the end of the driveway, but we are not sure yet. If there are babies, I will get their photos.

Photo of the Month of July, 2012

Bald Eagles

These two were on display at Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, Illinois when I traveled back for a week of family fun. I dubbed them George and Martha because for some reason they reminded me of the Washingtons. I do not know why they did, but I stand by decision to give them the nickname.

I can see why these magnificent birds are our national bird and other than the fact that turkey is a delightful holiday treat, I see no reason for Franklin’s nomination for the turkey as the national symbol.