Using AI in blog posts.

Why You Should Hire an AI Editor

As businesses begin to experiment with using AI to generate their blog posts, they may find that they need to hire an AI editor to help them get the results they want from the posts. As an experienced writer and editor with a lot of experience working with AI, I can help you turn those AI generated posts into content for your website that delivers results.

Why Should You Hire a Content Editor?

  • While grammatically correct, AI content doesn’t reflect your business
  • Depending on the AI generator, some copy may not pass Copyscape
  • Proofread and tweak awkward sentences to fit your brand
  • Less expensive than hiring a content writer or copywriter
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Blend your brand into the content
  • Develop a call to action at the end
  • Lay out the content in a way that fits SEO best practices
  • Give you places to embed other content from your site
  • Deliver edited content that passes Copyscape and AI detectors

A Content Editor Doesn’t Replace Your Writer

Just because a business chooses to use AI to write their content doesn’t mean that they’ve replaced their writer. In fact, they have helped their writer focus on other in-house projects like copywriting for brochures, sales sheets, landing pages, and any other written communication that’s important to the sales funnel. They let AI keep them relevant in searches by keeping their websites updated with content.

When you hire an AI editor, you’re getting an additional staff member for a project without the expense. Your writer is gold to you, so use them to generate more revenue while delegating the editing of your content to a AI professional.

Are you ready to hire someone to make your AI content work for you?

Contact me and let’s talk about your projects.

When you hire me for your AI editing job, you get the following:

  • Reasonable rates with bulk discounts
  • Improved accuracy and readability
  • Personal insights where applicable
  • Quick turnaround
  • Passes Copyscape and AI detection
  • SEO-centric
  • CTA
  • Branded text
  • Easy terms and a no hassle relationship