Julie L. Cleveland author and copywriter

Born in Illinois, Julie relocated to Florida in the 1980s where she started a career in the auto industry. She has worked every facet of the dealerships with her main focus on sales and finance. 

Julie wrote trivia for the Fish Bowl chatroom back in the 1990s when MSN was a budding company. She continued to write and host trivia games until 2000 or so. She enjoys writing trivia and all of the research associated with it.

Once she left the auto industry in 2000, she focused on freelance work around copywriting and running her own polymer clay bead and jewelry business.

Her portfolio contains hundreds of auto-centric articles and blog posts, as well as copywriting. She has worked as a section editor for a magazine, and she actively writes for a number of industries outside of the automotive sector.

For nine years, she worked at a local newspaper in advertising.

Julie is the author of five books that include one children’s book for her granddaughter and four nonfiction books. Her books include two music trivia books, one travel book and one jewelry design and marketing book.



• My jewelry has been gifted to journalists at the Golden Globes.
• My polymer clay art has won awards from Polymer Cafe magazine.
• My jewelry has been gifted to celebrities at the Golden Globes
• Gifted pieces to the stylists of shows such as The Voice, Hart of Dixie and Two Broke Girls

• Author’s Guild
• International Polymer Clay Association
• The Artisan Guild

​This site started simply enough. Here is the original front page:

A site that started at a little cabin in the woods in Bozeman, Montana has now become the official home of my author site. I still share photos that I take from my adventures, but since I have written a couple of books and am working on a fiction series, I thought it was time to become a little more serious about my personal site. 

Here you will find the most current list of my books, as well as snippets of other pieces of work that I have done. When I first started writing many years ago, I dreamed of writing from a cabin in the mountains. My little side trip to Bozeman – it lasted four years – was a fulfillment of that dream. 

Today, I write from my home in Florida where I can watch birds like Ibis and characters like foxes and racoons play in the yard. 

Enjoy my site and sign up for my newsletter if you want to know when my books will be coming out. 


From the Edge of the Backwoods

Well, not that far from the edge, but enough that there is no traffic and I can listen to the cows softly talk amongst themselves and smell the sweet scent of hay in the air.

Under the shelter of a buffalo jump, I can view the Rockies from the front porch and if I am so inclined, and I am every day, to climb the buffalo jump, I can gaze upon the majestic peaks of the ranges of Gallatin and Tobacco Roots. The front range is the beloved Bridgers where I have had the pleasure to wander lost in thought.

The purpose of this site is to step away from my hectic days of Blue Morning Expressions and set up my humble portfolio of past writings and the wandering camera lens as I have traveled about the continental United States. There is much to see in this great land and much to write stories about. As you can see from my photo, there is purple mountain majesty that surrounds my days and the pretty pond is a soothing site when I am wrestling with a design or a word.

Please wander about and visit.

I will be on the front porch with my feet up and a glass of lemonade in one hand.