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Upcoming Writing Projects in the Works

For those who want to know, here is a list of the upcoming projects from me. When I say upcoming, I mean it could take me a long time to get them finished, but I will update this as I go along.

The Micco Minute Series  – A Lil A. Crawford Mystery
Book 1 – currently in first draft rewrite (Jan 2022)
Book 2 – currently in first draft rewrite (Sept 2022)
Book 3 – in planning – looking at making this a trilogy only
Book 4 – in planning
Book 5 – in planning
Book 6 – in planning – conclusion of the series

The Music Trivia Series
1960s – published ( ebook 2022) paperback in formatting (2023)
1970s – in planning
1980s – in planning
1990s – in planning
2000s – in planning
2010s – in planning

Cleveland Travel Tour Book
Yellowstone National Park for Non-Hikers – in planning

Thrillers – one offs
Book 1 – WIP
Book 2 – in planning
Book 3 – in planning


1960s music trivia
Music trivia from the 1960s 

1960s Music Trivia Songs, Artists and Events

Do you know who sang “You Can’t Sit Down” or “Paint it Black”? If you do, then you may be an expert in 1960s music trivia.

​If you think you know your 1960s music, then I challenge you to pick up this book and play along with me. I wrote over 1,000 questions to try and stump you. While I do put a lot of easy questions in like who sang “Blue Velvet”, I tried to write some questions that might make you stop and think.

​No matter what, I wrote this book for those who love to sing and who enjoyed the music of the 1960s. Have fun!

This is the second in the series.

This book may be available in Kindle Unlimited.

Currently available in ebook format with the paperback to follow in 2023.

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The Joy of Jewelry Making for Fun and Profit
The Joy of Jewelry Making for Fun and Profit

The Joy of Jewelry Making

Take the first steps in learning how to design jewelry that will sell.

What is radial balance? How do you price your work? What helps break up the monotony in design? What is the best earring design for curly hair? Or an oval face? Find these answers and so much more in this comprehensive book created to answer the basic questions that you may have about designing for today’s handmade markets. References and suppliers included. Full-color photos of examples and easy to read text.

This book may be available in Kindle Unlimited.

Take your first steps towards having fun creating unique jewelry and show off your style. Buy your copy now.

Available in both paperback and as an ebook.


1950s Music Trivia
Think you can answer these 1950s music trivia questions?

1950s Music Trivia Songs, Artists and Events

Here’s to the 1950s when rock and roll was new and the songs were lovelorn. Billboard was just an idea that was in the first stages of being used as a test of a song’s popularity, and many of the songs crossed over genres. From the R&B clubs to the stages of The Grand Ole’ Opry, music was being written and played everywhere. Test your 1950s music knowledge with challenging questions about the music industry, the artists and the songs they wrote. Don’t worry, I included some easy questions too.

​The first in a series of music trivia books.

This book may be available in Kindle Unlimited.

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Yosemite National Park for Non-Hikers
A book on hiking in the Yosemite National Park for those who do not hike.

Yosemite National Park for Non-Hikers

I am not much of a hiker. I can hike for a couple of hours before I am tired and grumpy. I am the last one to get to the top where I am looking for a place to sit down. This book is about my first hike. It was not a big hike, but it was enough to make me sorry that I didn’t have hiking boots and the right socks. It also made me thankful for warm beer and cold pizza once I got back to the campsite.

Since the first hike, I have gone back to Yosemite, so this also includes my hike up (with proper equipment) to the top of some falls and my own photography.

This book may be available in Kindle Unlimited.

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Skylar Lynn and the Grey Bunny
Skylar Lynn lost her best friend. Follow her search for the lost bunny.


Skylar Lynn and the Grey Bunny

Skylar Lynn has lost her best friend: grey bunny. She has looked everywhere for him. Can you help her find him?

I admit, this is a vanity project that I wrote for my granddaughter. She ate some of the pages, so maybe it was a little too early in her life for me to give her a paperback book. However, between jumping on and off of the couch and munching on pages, I did get it read to her like maybe three times, two and a half at the very least.

It is illustrated by Susan Carson who is her great-grandmother and a professional artist.

If you are interested in seeing whether or not that grey bunny was found, I suggest  you read the book.

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