Photo of the Month of June 2022

This is a long story, but it’s going to have to be a blog post because it’s still ongoing. Here on the end of that leaf is a tiny (like a quarter of an inch) Monarch caterpillar. 

It’s on a milkweed plant that I had a lot of trouble keeping, and this little guy was the first caterpillar that I had seen on the plant since it was chopped down and revived. It had become infested with milkweed beetles and aphids. 

For the moment, I felt a small yay of triumph when I saw this guy. The story continues … 

Photo of the Month of May 2022

I could only hope that this was not another one of those hateful, poison-filled caterpillars that crawls all over the porch and my flowers because the face was too cute to be dangerous.

Sure. Sure. The saddleback is a delightfully colorful caterpillar, too. However, this guy seems to be a moth caterpillar.

It is called a Laugher Moth Caterpillar because the adult moth appears to have a man laughing on the wings. I have seen the adults around, but I don’t see anything remotely close to a laughing man on the wings. They are more marbled in muted tones than anything. 

Photo of the Month of March 2022

This is my crepe myrtle bush / tree that I was late to trim back this year. So, when it should have been doing some serious leaf pushups, it was wiling away the time letting the lichen grow on it. I was so entranced with this display of colors, textures and dimension that I took several photos of it. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but being the artist that I am, I am sure I will figure something out. 

Photo of the Month of February 2022

In addition to the daffodils, I also bought tulips, hyacinths and irises. All of the “up north” flowers that I miss in the springtime. These purple tulips were a wonderful and colorful addition to my back porch, and while they didn’t last, I did try to salvage all of the bulbs in hopes that I could recreate my little garden next spring. 

Photo of the Month of January 2022

You know we don’t have cold enough winters to plant perennials like daffodils, but I found some bulbs on sale down here that I couldn’t resist. I planted a dozen small daffodil bulbs around my magnolia tree. While they didn’t last long, for a short-time I was reminded of the spring I spent at the Tulipfest in Skagit County, Washington. It’s been a long time, but the flowers were just as colorful. 

Photo of the Month of November 2021

A quick trip to Savannah, Georgia was in order for a holiday getaway. We were only there a day due to rain and a marathon, so we did not get to visit many of the places we had planned. Harry came along and was wowed by the fact he could eat at the sidewalk cafes while we had lunch. This is the fountain in the middle of Forsyth Park. There are so many pretty parks to see. 

Photo of the Month of October 2021

The parking lot was full when we went to Grandfather Mountain, so we parked down the mountain and hiked up. This fun little path was well worth the walk and gave me another view of the mountain that I had never seen before. It comes out under the bridge, so you can see just how low the bridge actually is to the bottom. Fun hike!