Photo of the Month of March 2023

You’re going to have to look closely, but this guy is an inchworm. He thinks he’s a stick, and the best I can figure is that he is a moth in waiting. I didn’t move him or dissuade him from hanging on the front porch, and I don’t know where he wandered off to, but he left. At first I thought he was a larva stage walking stick, but finally found him in the geometer moth family. They like to eat plants and leaves, so hopefully, he will stay on his side of the house and out of my garden. I already had two beautiful red tomatoes with little squirrel bites out of them.

Photo of the Month of May 2022

I could only hope that this was not another one of those hateful, poison-filled caterpillars that crawls all over the porch and my flowers because the face was too cute to be dangerous.

Sure. Sure. The saddleback is a delightfully colorful caterpillar, too. However, this guy seems to be a moth caterpillar.

It is called a Laugher Moth Caterpillar because the adult moth appears to have a man laughing on the wings. I have seen the adults around, but I don’t see anything remotely close to a laughing man on the wings. They are more marbled in muted tones than anything. 

Photo of the Month of December 2020

The mating of a oakworm moth. Once upon a time, I found a striped caterpillar on my screen. I couldn’t figure out what it was and no amount of search engine combinations brought me an answer. Every time I searched for green caterpillar with red stripe, I got all kinds of images that did not match the worm I was looking at. 

When I searched for these two love birds, that worm came up. It is an oakworm moth, and it’s only fitting that they are right next to my oak tree. So, eventually, I got the answer that I wanted about the strange little worm. 

Photo of the Month of December 2019

It might be hard to see this photo, but there is a very, very ambitious little anole lizard thinking that he can eat that large month that was attracted to a light on my desk. I am thinking, no. 

As it turned out, the little anole thought “no”, too. He really gave it a go though and chased after that month with really big eyes before giving up and eating something much smaller and probably less tasty. 

Photo of the Month of September 2018

The best that I can tell, this is a sphinx moth larvae. It was quite large and looked a lot like the photos I found of them, but they didn’t quite look like this, so I have assume that it is one of the species, but not quite the ones that I saw on the internet.

It is a moth, though, so that much is true. It was about 4-inches in length and as fat as my little finger, so it was good sized. As late in the year this is, I was surprised to see a caterpillar.