Photo of the Month of November 2022

Back in the woods after a mile or so hike, if you don’t count the extra couple miles getting lost, you will find this Tri-State marker that lets you set foot in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island all by dancing around this pole. It was one of the last few states that I had not set foot in. Now, to complete my lower 48 journey, I must touch Texas and New Mexico. 

Photo of the Month of October 2022

A view from the cliffs surrounding the Atlantic Ocean at Acadia Park in Maine. This rugged coastline is so much different than the usual sandy beaches that I see here at home in Florida. Same ocean, same rocks, just a lot smaller. It was the first few days after Hurricane Ian had gone through the area, so everyone was enjoying the sun for a change. 

Photo of the Month of September 2022

In St. Francisville, IL, you will find the other end of this one lane wooden bridge. You’ll also find a toll keeper who wants a dollar or so to let you off the bridge.

​It is said that this bridge is haunted, and it is the first of two sections. It passes over the Wabash River and appropriately named the Wabash Cannonball Bridge even though no such train ever went over it. It can be reached from Vincennes, IN, but you have to look for it. 

Photo of the Month of November 2021

A quick trip to Savannah, Georgia was in order for a holiday getaway. We were only there a day due to rain and a marathon, so we did not get to visit many of the places we had planned. Harry came along and was wowed by the fact he could eat at the sidewalk cafes while we had lunch. This is the fountain in the middle of Forsyth Park. There are so many pretty parks to see. 

Photo of the Month of October 2021

The parking lot was full when we went to Grandfather Mountain, so we parked down the mountain and hiked up. This fun little path was well worth the walk and gave me another view of the mountain that I had never seen before. It comes out under the bridge, so you can see just how low the bridge actually is to the bottom. Fun hike!

Photo of the Month of May 2021

I finally got around to visiting the Don Garlits drag racing museum in Gainesville, Florida. I have passed the museum many, many times in the 35 years I have lived here, and this is the first time I stopped. If you love drag racing or collectibles of any kind, check out his museum the next time you’re in Florida. I thought I kept a lot of things, but I am unashamed now that I have seen Don’s collectibles. Well worth spending several hours wandering around in his two big museums. Lots of Cha Cha Muldowney memorabilia, too. 

Photo of the Month of October 2020

Deep into the pandemic, we finally broke free and got in the car. After 30 plus years of saying “we’re going to see the leaves change in the Smokies”, we finally did it. 

This colorful landscape is the wildly popular and overly photographed Linville Viaduct. 

We also did a little hiking – well, we had to walk up the path to Grandfather Mountain rather than park at the top and walk up. No matter which peak we visited, we found people so very happy to be out in the open. With the wind blowing and no close contact, we went all in for some outside time.

Photo of the Month of June 2020

Okay, it was taken in 2019, but I have not been anywhere since we all have been in lock down, so I pulled one from this time last year. This is a fascinating rock formation from The Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois.

Since I love fractals, this reminded me a lot of a fractal found in nature. Hopefully, we will one day be set free from our homes, and I can explore this park more.

Photo of the Month of July 2017

I finally left my front yard for a short trip up the east coast, and while I enjoyed many sights along the way, this one was a “must see” on my list. Along with that green lady standing in the harbor. 

This was as close to the city as I wanted to be, but it was certainly impressive to say the least, and because you know my yard is filled with birds, flowers and bugs that I don’t see big buildings, cars or people very often.  It’s best to see them from across the Hudson. 🙂 Thank you New York City for this awesome photo.