Why Does a Copywriter Need a Creative Brief?

My day job requires me to write and write and write some more. Of all the words I write, most of them are written for a purpose other than to amuse myself. My day job is to write ad copy and content articles for clients who want to use my words to sell their products. I am cognizant that as a copywriter and a content writer I need to write words that mean something to the company I am working with and reach the customers that will buy their products.

Automotive content writing and email marketing copywriting have basic formulas to follow, but what those formulas do not give you is answers to what the client wants.

There is nothing more frustrating for everyone than a lack of instructions, having to do multiple rewrites and having no clear direction for the copy or content. You should always have a content brief when you take on any writing project. It will save you and your client time.

Copywriters, if your client does not have a brief, then supply them with one and help them fill it out. I am including a free content brief template at the end of this article.

What is a Content Brief Template? 

A brief is, well, brief. It is a set of very simple instructions from the client to you, the writer, that lays out their goals, their desires, their favorite keywords and their audience. Briefs can be as simple or as complicated as the client needs. It consists of a series of questions that can be answered in short sentences or notes. All you do is fill in the blanks, and you are ready to outline your article.

There are many creative brief templates on the market, as well as free content brief templates that you can download.

Why Do I Need a Content Brief? 

A content brief is a time management tool that keeps your writing on track.

Since all of the questions will be answered upfront by the brief, you can start writing immediately and submit the finished project to the client for review.

A brief makes it easy for you to edit your article, check off your keywords and make sure that you have followed all of the client’s instructions as to what content they wanted to include.

How Important are Keywords? 

Anyone who has been writing during the internet age is fully aware of the purpose and importance of keywords. Only a client who knows their business inside and out will be able to give the writer the keywords they want to use to drive their traffic. You might have suggestions for them, but the keywords should be something they provide. They should know which long-tail keywords will drive sales to their site.

A brief includes keyword information to be used in the article.

Your brief helps everyone stay on track and is a written reference for everyone involved. If the brief is clear and concise, the ad copy will also be on point and an effective marketing tool.

Here are some tools that might make your next projects a little easier: 

  • Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling. It has a freebie edition, as well as a paid edition. 
  • The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand is a number 1 bestseller for all of us scribblers. 
  • The Kindle Unlimited link may allow you to read the book for free. Her book has been in the Kindle Unlimited library in the past, and may be again. If not, there are many other books that will help guide your content writing career.