How to Write Shopify Meta Information

Knowing how to write Shopify meta titles and descriptions will go a long way toward being seen in organic searches on Google, Bing, or any of the other search tools. You have to think like a copywriter (give the reader the benefits as to why they need to buy your product), and write like a novelist (be entertaining and engaging) and do it all with a human flare.

Here are some tips that I have learned about writing effective meta titles and descriptions for Shopfy:

Write Shopify Meta Titles

Your meta title acts as an important SEO signal and typically appears as the clickable headline in search results. Here’s how to write a great one:

  • Keep it within the limit – Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. If you keep your title under 60 characters, you can expect at least 90% of your titles to display properly.
  • Incorporate keywords – Make sure to use the main keyword for which you want the page to rank. The keyword should fit naturally within the title.
  • Be descriptive – Describe accurately what your page offers. This helps users to understand if it’s relevant to their search.
  • Entice the user – Make the title catchy and attractive so that users want to click on it.

Example: Organic Cotton Shirts for Men | YourBrandName

I am including a meta title and description that I wrote years ago for one of my products. I am way over Google’s recommendations for word count on the description.

Write Shopify Meta title and description to include relevant keywords.

Meta Descriptions

Your meta description acts as a short summary of a page’s content and can influence a user’s decision to click through or not.

  • Stay within the character limit – Google typically truncates meta descriptions to 160 characters. To ensure your entire description is visible, keep it below this length. Mine was way too long as it was.
  • Use your keywords –Just like with the title, incorporate the primary and secondary keywords naturally within the description.
  • Be clear and descriptive – Describe your product or service accurately. This will help users decide whether to click on your link.
  • Use a call to action – Encourage users to click on your link with a compelling call to action.

Example: Discover our range of high-quality, organic cotton shirts for men. Ethically sourced and designed to last. Shop now at YourBrandName!

After doing some fresh SEO searches using Google, I came up with some other keywords that I want to use in this product. I want to add best teacher gifts, best gifts for female teachers, idea for teacher gift because they are long-tail keywords with medium competition.

Write Shopify Meta title and description to include relevant keywords.

Remember that your meta titles and descriptions represent your brand in the search results. They should be appealing, accurate, and reflect the content of the page. It’s worth spending time on these to improve your SEO and click-through rates.

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