5 Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tips

5 spring cleaning tips for your ecommerce store

It’s spring, and that means it’s time to do a little ecommerce spring cleaning.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tip – Update Old Content

If you have old blog posts on your ecommerce site, now is a time to go through and update them or refresh the information. Older posts can be internally linked to newer posts and get new life from search engines. The same goes for updating old images or other improvements.

It’s a good time to check with the new best practices from Google to see how you can improve the posts, and if the post is no longer relevant, remove it.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tip – Check Your Inventory

Now is a good time to go through your inventory and figure out what sells well and what needs to be discounted and moved. Old designs, especially if you hand make things, may need to be disassembled and remade into something new.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tip – Refresh Your Promotions

It’s time to change up your old ad, even if that means only adding some new graphics or changing the font. If the ad works, then refresh it. If the ad doesn’t work, change it to a new promotion.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tip – Update Your Email List

Now is the time to check your email list. Go through and purge old contacts that bounce or make sure that non of the ones who asked to be taken off the email list are still on it. If you’re using a service like MailChimp, it does it for you automatically, but you should still check the list.

It might be a good time to start segregating your email list, so that you can refine your email promotions to a segment of your list. This is a good way to determine whether your efforts are working.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tip – Refresh Your Store Theme

Are you tired of your old theme? It might be time to refresh your theme. Although, the newer the theme, the better it can handle the latest technology, so consider that when it comes to redesigning your site.

Don’t forget to add some flowers to the header!

Need an ecommerce site that grows with you? Shopify is an excellent choice. My Shopify store has been open for over 7 years and I do nothing but add products. Yay!

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