Pre-written Blog Posts for Independent Insurance Agencies

The insurance industry is all about looking toward the future, so your independent insurance agency should be forward focused; pre-written blog posts for independent insurance agencies can help you attract new clients. While you may have a lot of clients now, you know that business ebbs and flows. While you are busy is a good time to start talking to new clients through your blog posts, and pre-written independent insurance agencies blog posts take the pressure off of you to be creative.

Content Writing Benefits

  • Content writing is an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. All search engines use the content of your website to evaluate your relevancy. Websites need new content written for your industry that gives your readers information.
  • Content writing engages your readers and keeps them on your site longer. The longer they are on the site, the higher your value is to the search engines.
  • Content writing has long-lasting reach. It does not expire; unless you remove the content, people can read it months and years after you post it. Social media shares and ad clicks do not have the longevity of a blog post.

Quality Content Writing

Search engines, like Google, look for quality content geared toward the customer. Everything should be written for the customer, not the search engines, so your readers get the necessary information. Search engines judge a website on how often they post content. A regular posting schedule helps you rank higher on the web.

What if you don’t have the time to write or post?

This is where you hire someone to write your content for you regularly, or buy pre-written content to get you through when you’re pressed for time. Either of these solutions keeps your website current and relevant to your readers and customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer

  • You can choose the topic
  • You can select the keywords
  • You can choose the post length
  • You have control over the call to action
  • You do not need to modify the content
  • You get final approval on the content

Benefits of Buying Pre-written Content

  • You buy as many articles as you like
  • You do not need to go through the editing and approval process
  • You can keep your website fresh
  • You can attract more readers
  • You do not have to hire someone to write for you
  • You do not have to spend your time trying to come up with topic ideas
  • They are easy to use – copy and paste them into your website blog

Pre-written blog posts for independent insurance agency websites for sale

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