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Today’s car shopper is savvy and uses the internet to search and research cars and trucks for sale before you even meet them. Where are they getting their information? From dealerships, repair shops, and used car lots who know how to use their websites to become experts in the automotive industry with content from an automotive copywriter.

How Can an Automotive Copywriter Help Me?

It is the job of the automotive copywriter to write and deliver information to your prospects that guides them toward making the buying decision. The automotive copy expert that you hire should know the industry and have a passion for all things cars and trucks.

As an experienced copywriter in the automotive industry, I use my years of dealership background and writing ability to craft your automotive content into something informative and helpful to your website visitors. It delivers your message and uses keywords that reach your target market.

SEO-Friendly Automotive Content

Product Descriptions
Your website is more than just pictures; you need product descriptions that sell your products and services. From makes and models to parts and services, give people the information they need to make an educated decision to purchase. Detailed descriptions from an automotive copywriter sells products.

Landing Pages
An automotive copywriter writes landing pages that can be found in searches and bring customers to you. Landing pages are often the first stop on the buying journey, so they must be crafted for search engines while delivering a sales pitch to your prospects.

Brochure Copy
Brochure copywriting is similar to product descriptions but adds more information to the text like the specs for each model and highlights the differences between the upgrades. It’s designed to be a comparison and a handout for your sales team.

Evergreen Content
Things change fast in the automotive industry, and your website needs to be up-to-date if you want to reach shoppers. However, if you want to become an expert in the automotive industry and a trusted source, you need blog posts that never expire. They remain relevant and give customers the information they need to make a good decision for years to come.

Product Reviews
Like the brochure, a product review and overview from an automotive content writer gives prospective buyers a way to read how the vehicle they are interested in ranks in the public or with expert voices like Car and Driver and Edmunds. The product review covers all aspects of the vehicle and helps your customer make their buying decision. These also make good handouts for your sales team.

Newsletters and Emails
Keeping in touch with your prospects, customers, newsletter subscribers, and sales list is key to getting the next sale. When you’re always asking for the next sale, chances are good that you’ll get it. An automotive copywriter can help you stay in touch.

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