What’s Blooming in Florida?

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Check out the latest plants and flowers blooming in Florida this month! I have lots of non-native flowers that are taking off, but I don’t have these plants. What I do have is these plants! And, now I have hummingbirds 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What’s Blooming in Florida?”

  1. Hello Ms. Cleveland! I’m a relative “Newbie” to Florida, (our 3rd year living here as full-time residents) My “garden” is pretty much comprised of wild Floridian species, (with Boston Ferns and Wandering Jews, asparagus ferns), but I’ve also planted a few climbers, some Caladiums, a couple cacti, and some Porthos. They all seem to co-exist very well together! I love them all because they return every Spring and seem to love where they are. Most of these plants have actually just planted themselves in my garden, or helpful squirrels and birds have deposited them there. Three native species here (as far as I know they’re native, anyway!) And one is definitely attracting the butterflies and Hummers…it’s called a Firespike plant. It blooms tiny red tubular-shaped flowers, and when they are in full bloom, (this time of year), the visitors to the blooms are very happy to partake of their sweetness! Also, the two other plants that have (naturally) situated themselves in my garden are the Awaphui (shampoo ginger,) and then there’s a plant that I have no idea what it is, but it sports deep purple berries and has a bright red stalk..grows quite tall with large oval green leaves,. By end of summer,it grows to a height of around 6-8 feet tall.

    1. Welcome to Florida Kris! Sounds like you’ve got your garden off to a great start. The Firespike is a good hummingbird attractor. I have trouble getting the hummingbirds to stop by my yard, but the butterflies make up for it. Hmmm – sounds like maybe you have some pokeweed in the garden. Florida considers it an invasive species, and it is poisonous. Mocking birds, cardinals, blue birds, starlings, and crows like to munch on pokeweed berries. Again, welcome to Florida.

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