Photo of the Month of February 2017

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This overrunning of the bird feeder may not seem like a photo opportunity, but in fact, it was not just the bird feeder that was being overrun. There were hundreds of starlings in the yard, dozens of robins and a garden variety of sparrows, cardinals, doves, woodpeckers and blue jays. ALL AT ONCE. It was like a scene out of The Birds where they just converged screaming and fighting among themselves while grabbing at berries, seeds and each other. 

Then it poured down rain and they all headed to the trees where they sat out the storm. They squawked and called and screeched and sang as it poured on them. It immediately stopped raining, and they flew away. My neighbor is convinced these birds were sent by her husband as he was dying to let her know it will all be okay. Who am I to say? This invasion only lasted a few minutes and they have never come back. 

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