Photo of the Month of February, 2013

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The first warm day and we were off. We headed to Butte, MT to see what we could see, but along the way we stopped for a huge cinnamon roll from Wheat Montana Farms, Inc. in Three Forks, MT.  It was the size of a hubcap!

Then we stopped at this state park that has ringing rocks. Pipestone State Park is located along Interstate 90 by Whitehall, MT. The rocks will chime when they are hit with a hammer or anything that can make them ring. They are a geological rarity and there is only one other place like this, and that is in Pennsylvania.

They sound a bit like a pan being hit with a spoon. They have a short sound with no real reverberation. Maybe I will need to go back and take some sheet music with me. I am sure that I could bang out a tune or two.

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