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How We Know the Snowbirds are Back

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Every year, we can tell the snowbirds are back in Florida by the color of the license plates. One of the local journalists who wrote a column for a newspaper that is now just a messy part of a conglomerate used to do license plate sightings.

How We Know the Snowbirds are Back
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He has moved on to his own publication, but I think of him every fall. This year, we’re facing a hurricane – like tomorrow – so maybe our snow birds will be a little less eager to come visit. (If you need a refresher course on how to read a hurricane map, see this blog post.)

These hurricane supplies might be a little late for the big blow tomorrow, but you could keep them on hand for the next one. Or maybe Prime will deliver in the middle of driving rain …

Hurricane Supplies

These are the ways we know the snowbirds are back:

  • The license plate bingo game is in full swing.
  • The lines are longer at the coffee shop.
  • The traffic gets a little heavier around the grocery store.
  • In the case of a hurricane, people are buying nonsensical items like all the pudding.
  • The grocery store shelves are starting to look a little sparse between stockings.
  • There are cars randomly changing lanes and then stopping in the road.
  • There are long lines at the local Mexican restaurant.
  • Horns honk. At us.
  • There are a lot of sunburned bodies milling about.
  • There are a lot of white arms and legs.

Yes, we’re seeing a smattering of Northeast license plates, and you people from Connecticut, I will remember how you beeped at me for no apparent reason while I was visiting your state last month. Expect  the honk to be returned accordingly. 

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