Get Your Ecommerce Store Ready for Mother’s Day

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The next big shopping holiday is Mother’s Day for those of us with online retail stores, and now is a good time to start our preparation. Let’s go over the usual checklist, which is the same that we did for our Black Friday and Christmas rushes.

This list is included in this blog post on the subject:
·  Packing tape
·  Packing bubble wrap
·  Boxes in a variety of sizes
·  Priority supplies
·  Paper for invoices
·  Toner/ink for printing
·  Labels
·  Thank you cards – if you do them
·  Tissues for packing
·  Plastic bags for items
·  Business cards
·  Organza bags 

Just like shopping for the holidays, it’s a good idea to take a moment and make sure that your site is optimized for traffic. I have included four ways to optimize your store in this blog post.

If you’ve already done this, then one thing to think about when setting up your Mother’s Day store besides offering great discounts and promoting it in advance is to have lower price point gifts for those who are on a budget.

Some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts under $10:

  • Jewelry
  • Gift cards
  • Personalized tote bags
  • Personal journal
  • Charm necklace or charm bracelet
  • Tiny gemstone rings or earrings
  • Beaded keyring
  • Planner page for kids to fill out with the chores they will do for mom

There are so many little gift ideas that you can add to your ecommerce site that may appeal to those on tight budgets. Those little items can become impulse buys at checks out, so if you have your shopping cart set up to suggest before check out, then add the impulse items to your checkout process.

Don’t forget to decorate your store for Mother’s Day. Get great graphics from Creative Market where you will find all types of beautiful graphics to not only decorate your store, but set up a product line of print on demand items.

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