Can You Write a Simple Letter?

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Writing a simple letter could be the start to a new source of income. Maybe you write full-time like I do or maybe you want to write full-time like I do. Either way, it helps to have a lot of tools in your toolbox like having some copywriting training. I know that I saw the Barefoot Writer magazine when I was getting ready to quit my full-time job at the newspaper. I read all of these great stories about people who left their jobs and made a bazillion dollars while putting their cocktails on tables and sunscreen on their arms. Sounded great to me!

Copy and Content Writers are Needed!

I don’t make a gazillion dollars writing copy on the side, but I do make a nice little handful of change each month that is more than equal to my last weekly paycheck at the newspaper. When I add that money into my content writing, I am making a small living doing this. Will it get better? I don’t know, but what I do know is that copywriters and content writers are in demand NOW. Everyone is selling online and they all need people like you and me to write their copy. I suggest that you check out the AWAI program. They have a lot of programs that you can choose from, and it can be quite fun to do some copywriting on the side. Where else can you switch between writing about products like candles, gear shift knobs and chalk markers in a single afternoon? It’s fun and it’s always something a little different. Check out this program here:  

Or maybe you would just like to get the magazine so you can envy those writers with cocktails and toes in the sand. Check it out here:

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