4 Florida Places to Visit

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I’ve had a chance to wander all over the State of Florida, but there are a few places that I haven’t spent as much time as I want, so here is my “to explore further” list:

Everglades National Park – Florida Place to Visit

Lake Okeechobee – Florida Place to Visit

The Battle of Okeechobee Reenactment from Into Nature Films on Vimeo.

Tallahassee – Florida Place to Visit

Fort Walton Beach – Florida Place to Visit

There is so much to see in Florida that doesn’t include the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, I included Fort Walton Beach, but only because that was where I landed when I first got to Florida and camped. I’ve never been back, and that’s been 36 years ago. I think it’s time to see if the little fish camp that fed me catfish long after dining hours were over is still there. I think the sand is still white and the waves still crash.

Grab a map and make your own list of Florida places to visit.

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4 Florida Places to Visit

I’ve had a chance to wander all over the State of Florida, but there are a few places that I ...
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